Forging a new pathway to sustainable fuels.

Introducing CirculAir, a joint solution from LanzaJet and LanzaTech that transforms waste, carbon, and renewable power into SAF.

CirculAir™ combines the groundbreaking technologies of LanzaTech and LanzaJet to form an efficient and economically compelling offering that provides the aviation industry with a solution to produce waste-based SAF on a global scale.

How it works:

  1. First, CirculAir utilizes LanzaTech’s gasification and gas fermentation technology to convert nearly any waste resource – including municipal solid waste, crop residues, industrial offgases, and renewable power – into CarbonSmart™ ethanol. 
  2. Second, LanzaJet takes the ethanol and converts it into drop-in SAF through our proprietary ethanol-to-SAF technology process. 

The SAF made through this process will reduce aviation emissions by 85% to carbon negative.


An end-to-end technology solution powering the circular economy.

CirculAir exemplifies the circular economy by transforming waste into SAF, closing the loop on carbon emissions that would otherwise harm the environment. The solution’s flexibility to use locally available waste feedstocks makes it an adaptable and scalable one for any region’s environmental and energy needs. 

By continually recycling carbon emissions, CirculAir achieves the necessary economies of scale, reducing the cost of SAF and making it more competitive with traditional fuels.


Proven. De-risked. Scaling globally.

LanzaJet and LanzaTech, while two separate companies, often collaborate on SAF projects throughout the world, including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Through the launch of CirculAir, LanzaJet and LanzaTech are now offering the market a seamless solution for an end-to-end waste to SAF product. 

The first-to-market to produce SAF made from ethanol.