The most versatile and scalable platform for making sustainable fuels.

Our Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) technology is the first proven global technology solution for SAF from ethanol.

Capable of using low-carbon and sustainable ethanol, our first-to-market technology has the supply-volume necessary to enable a scaled SAF industry. The LanzaJet® ATJ technology, combined with a deeply experienced team, will make sustainable fuel a reality worldwide.

Why LanzaJet SAF?

The fuels we produce stack up to rigorous jet and diesel standards — and go beyond sustainability. Independently certified for their benefits to the environment, our fuels significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and qualify for renewable fuel credits.

Flexible Sourcing

Our fuel can take any source of low-carbon ethanol – from ag waste, municipal solid waste, to carbon emissions, and more – enabling global production that leverages local, sustainable supply sources.

Flexible Product Mix

Our process can operate in maximum jet or diesel modes. That flexibility lets us meet varying production and market demands for these two high-value products.

Sustainably Sourced

Low-carbon ethanol is a sustainable fuel that can be widely and locally sourced from raw materials accessible around the world.


Our SAF significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can be carbon-negative, depending on the source of ethanol used. It also cuts down contrail formation, sulfur emissions, and particulate matter by up to 95%.

High selectivity to SAF

90% of the hydrocarbons produced are in jet fuel range in max jet mode.

High carbon efficiency

98% of the carbon available in the ethanol we use is converted to high value hydrocarbon products

Energy Density 

Our SAF has a higher energy density than traditional Jet‑A fuel, making it a better quality fuel.


We convert ethanol to Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene using a continuous catalytic process — a proven and approved pathway. 

Approval to blend up to 50% LanzaJet SAF with conventional Jet A aviation fuel means that our decarbonization goal is within reach. Work is underway to allow for approval of up to 100% LanzaJet SAF. Low-carbon ethanol is a widely available starting point for our fuel production process. With raw materials readily available and accessible around the world, our technology can use any source of low-carbon ethanol, adhering to strict sustainability criteria.

We bring our expertise to every step along the path to sustainable fuels.