Giving fuel producers, farmers, and project developers the ability to be competitive in emerging sectors like SAF.

Our blend of proprietary technology, engineering, industry expertise, and policy know-how uniquely positions us to design, build, and deliver projects necessary to meet the world’s urgent carbon reduction goals.

Our patented LanzaJet® Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) technology and industry-spanning savvy are available on a worldwide scale — delivered through a combination of licensing, engineering, equipment, products, control systems, and services.

Opportunities Across SAF Value Chain

We work with you to evaluate your plans for a sustainable fuels project – no matter where you sit across the value chain, from feedstocks, traditional fuel producers, to end users and consumers.


We work with low-carbon ethanol producers around the world to ensure that our SAF is sustainable and meets stringent performance criteria. We also partner with innovative technology companies to develop the next generation of ethanol supply.


Our proprietary and patented LanzaJet® ATJ technology is the first proven global solution for sustainable fuel from ethanol.


We have a deep bench of experts with the engineering and technology expertise and the decades of experience needed to develop these complex projects.


Our policy experts come with many years of experience successfully navigating local, state, national, and international policy and regulatory environments.


Our proven modular design allows for flexible and scalable systems.


LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels

Our flagship SAF plant will be the industry’s first commercial-scale ethanol to jet SAF plant. Its start-up launches the next generation of SAF production across the world and is a leap forward for the industry. LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels is located in Soperton, GA, USA. The 10 million (US) gallon per year facility will come online in early 2024.


We work with customers across a variety of industries

Industrial Companies

Many industrial companies are looking to reduce their climate impact and are wanting to become more engaged in SAF and are looking for technology partners to support that work

Traditional Oil & Gas

Companies with decades of experience producing fossil fuels and looking to transition into cleaner fuel production

Ethanol Producers

Many ethanol companies are looking at SAF as the future of the industry, as light duty ground transportation continues to electrify. SAF creates an incredible near and long-term opportunity.

Project Developers

Traditional project developers who are interested in making a positive impact on climate, while also needing technical expertise.


Building a new industry requires partnership. LanzaJet partners with global leaders and innovators to develop the sustainable fuels industry and tackle climate change, together.

Ethanol Producers

LanzaJet has partners with world-class ethanol companies, and are active advocates in the industry. We work closely with partners like our founder and investor LanzaTech, as well as key alliances like Nova Pangaea Technologies, and SAFFiRE Renewables.

Technology Integrations

Technology partners are critical to scaling this industry, including our collaboration with Technip Energies’ Hummingbird® Technology for converting ethanol to ethylene into the overall SAF production process.

Airlines and Airplane Manufacturers 

We work with flag-carrying airlines and leading aerospace manufacturers to ensure SAF becomes the drop-in replacement to petroleum-based jet fuel. LanzaJet has support from international airlines such as British Airways, an IAG company, and All Nippon Airways and is collaborating with OEMs such as Airbus and others.

Local Communities

We believe SAF not only promotes national energy security, it also unlocks economic development for rural communities across our country and across the world. The communities where LanzaJet operates are critical to the foundation of how we grow, live, and work. It all starts there.

Global Projects

We all live on the same planet. We all share the negative effects of rising emissions and climate change. In addition to our LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels commercial facility, we have announced projects across the world to speed up the global scaling of SAF — because it’s critical for us to do this work together.

In addition to our LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels commercial facility in Georgia, we have additional active projects contributing to our SAF production capabilities here in the US.

United Kingdom

LanzaJet’s ATJ technology is using woody waste and agricultural residues to produce SAF for Project Speedbird – a partnership with British Airways and Nova Pangaea Technologies.


LanzaJet and LanzaTech are working to take waste off-gases from a steel mill and turn them into SAF.


Partnering with Jet Zero Australia to work toward the continent’s first ATJ SAF facility in partnership with the Queensland Government, Qantas, and Airbus.

New Zealand

LanzaJet was selected by Air NZ and the federal government to undertake a study for domestic SAF production.

LanzaJet is working with the Indian Oil Corporation to develop India’s first ATJ SAF plant with local feedstocks.

We are expanding our global presence with upcoming projects in the region. 

We have a team working to identify potential opportunities in the region.

We are expanding our global presence and reviewing opportunities in the region.

Starting from the basic sustainable ethanol building block? At the carbon source to be recycled? Let’s make your new renewable fuels project plan a reality.