Ruben van Grinsven

Board Director

Ruben leads the Advanced Fuels and Products team in Shell that matures and delivers an exciting portfolio of large scale supply projects aiming to convert ethanol, bio-waste, CO2 and renewable power into Advanced Biofuels and Synthetic fuels. The intent is to serve hard-to-abate sectors like heavy duty transport – mainly aviation in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Before joining the Low Carbon Fuels team, Ruben was responsible for Shell’s global portfolio of large scale Green Hydrogen supply projects – amongst which the Holland Hydrogen 1 200 MW Electrolyser that is currently being constructed in the Netherlands.

Ruben has been with Shell since 2003, started his career in the Upstream businesses in Shell, moving from the Netherlands to Brunei and later to Deep Water Gulf of Mexico in the US. He has an engineering degree and has returned to his home country to live in the Hague with his wife and three young children.