LanzaJet is a leading sustainable fuels technology company dedicated to carbon recycling and expanding sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and renewable diesel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the decarbonization of the aviation and ground transportation industries. We take a two-pronged approach: as an established SAF technology provider and as a sustainable fuels producer. Our patented technology, combined with extensive know-how and a deeply experienced team, will make sustainable fuel a reality worldwide.

We use waste-based, sustainable ethanol – that is not made from either food or feed – as a building block to produce our fuels. With such a widely available starting point for our fuel production process, raw material sourcing is readily available and accessible around the world.  Learn more

Our Technology

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Our Technology

Proven and proprietary global technology solution for sustainable fuel from waste sources.

The LanzaJet alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) technology is a proven solution for commercial production of both sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel. The fuels produced using our process and technology meet or exceed rigorous standards and specifications for both jet and diesel fuel. Equally important, the sustainably produced fuels enable greenhouse gas reductions, qualify for renewable fuel credits, and will be independently certified for their sustainability benefits, primarily influenced by the ethanol source.

The process converts ethanol to Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) and Synthetic Paraffinic Diesel (SPD). The process is an approved pathway to produce SAF in accordance with ASTM D7566 Annex A5, which permits blending up to 50% with conventional Jet A aviation fuel. LanzaJet ATJ technology can process any source of sustainable ethanol, including ethanol produced from municipal solid waste (MSW), agricultural residues, industrial off-gases, and biomass.

The technology was first developed and extensively tested by LanzaTech and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a US Department of Energy (US DOE) National Laboratory.


How It Works


LanzaJet ATJ technology offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible Sourcing: Ethanol can be produced from a variety of environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable sources such as biomass residues, municipal solid waste, or industrial waste gases with no competition with food, water, and land use, which permits SAF production anywhere around the globe.
  • Sustainability: When the ethanol we use is produced from wastes and residues, the SAF from the LanzaJet ATJ process results in over 80% greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, compared to conventional jet fuel, and has little or no impact on food, land, and water use.
  • High Carbon Efficiency: 98% of the carbon available in the ethanol we use is converted to high value hydrocarbon products.

  • High Selectivity to SAF: 90% of the hydrocarbons produced are in jet fuel range in max jet mode.
  • Flexible Product Mix: Our process can operate in maximum jet or diesel modes, which provides a high degree of flexibility to meet varying production and market demands for these two high value products, which in turn helps our partners maximize their profitability.

How it Works

LanzaJet’s proven ATJ process is a continuous catalytic process that converts ethanol to Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) or Synthetic Paraffinic Diesel (SPD) through four primary process steps that have each been proven at commercial scale: Dehydration, Oligomerization, Hydrogenation and Fractionation.  Learn more

Products + Services

Leading fuel technology, products, and services for aviation and transportation.

The impact of greenhouse gases on our environment is clear, and we know fossil fuels and their carbon footprint are a significant source of these emissions. Certain industries, such as aviation, require carbon-rich fuels to operate aircraft. LanzaJet’s technology and products provide solutions available today to allow industries to decarbonize with no impact to existing infrastructure and technology.

Using sustainable ethanol produced from waste, LanzaJet makes low-carbon, lower-cost aviation fuel and renewable diesel accessible, available, and sustainable anywhere around the world. Our partnership with LanzaTech further enables us to develop sustainable jet fuel and renewable diesel by recycling carbon from widely available sources at an integrated facility – optimizing the technology and process of fuel production from municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, manufacturing off-gas, biomass, and other waste-based sources.

With our technology and experience, we can help create a lower carbon world today, whether its designing and building a new plant, or supplying advanced, clean burning sustainable fuels through off-take agreements.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the globally recognized solution to reduce both greenhouse gases and carbon footprint in the aviation industry. SAF produced by LanzaJet ATJ technology is a drop-in fuel that can be used with all existing airline infrastructure, engines, and equipment. The low-carbon, premium SAF that we produce meets or exceeds ASTM D7566 Annex A5 jet fuel specifications and is blended with conventional jet fuel up to 50%. ATJ-SPK has also been approved in DEF STAN 91-091. It has a lower freeze point, excellent thermal stability, and long shelf life compared to conventional jet fuel. Learn more

Renewable Diesel Fuel
Our low temperature, drop-in Synthetic Paraffinic Diesel (SPD) can be used in virtually any diesel-powered vehicle or engine without any sacrifice in performance – from bus lines, delivery fleets, and cargo ships to non-road machinery, back-up generators, and more. Our fuel reduces the emissions of any diesel-powered engine and equipment.

LanzaJet’s SPD meets or exceeds ASTM D975 diesel specification, as well as offering a clean blending component for EN 590 diesel specification that can help meet the Euro 6 standard. Our drop-in SPD can be blended with conventional diesel without any “blending wall” set by engine technology. It has excellent cold flow properties and is 100% sustainable, flexible to meet various diesel specifications, and fully compatible with existing fueling infrastructure and engines at any blend level.
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Our Services

LanzaJet’s patented alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) technology and know-how is available on a worldwide basis and is delivered via combination of license, engineering, equipment, products, controls, and services.

When you partner with LanzaJet, we work with you to evaluate your plans for a new renewable fuels project, whether you’re starting from the basic sustainable ethanol building block, or at the carbon source to be recycled such as municipal solid waste (MSW), agricultural wastes, forest residues, or industrial off-gases. These abundant, regionally sourced feedstocks are all ideal for the production of renewable, sustainable transportation fuels.

Once you decide on your sustainability path, we can help design, build, and start-up the plant. We leverage our deep experience, reputation, and a global network to increase your speed to market. The combination of our modular design, project development support, and expert technology and engineering expertise expedites construction, minimizes site interruption, and provides a single source of responsibility. We will support you throughout the lifecycle of the process unit via our service offerings to keep you at high on-stream efficiencies. Learn more